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二十六 [Video]
[The video turns on to Japan, sitting on the floor of all places, and surrounded by items creatively wrapped in whatever he could find and make use of. He seems to be working on another, though it is off screen.]

Ah, hello, everyone. The holidays often leave me quite busy. Christmas will soon be here and over, and I will be quite involved in preparing for the New Year...

Santa-san, if it is not too much of a trouble, I would quite enjoy things like miso, riceballs, and umeboshi.

In any case, while I am--

[Suddenly, there is banging at the door. Very loud, insistent banging. Like all good things in life, this post needed a little more America.]


cut for door breaking, loud singing, and the largeness of any post containing america. somehow it leads to this.Collapse )

Legos: building Denmark's happiness for centuries. Buy them.

[End commercial.

All while Japan seems to be considering seppuku. He reaches over and shuts off the communicator that America had been speaking to.]

(ooc: I may switch between this account and asideglance due to icons. I'll be switching accounts on new year, so consider it.. breaking into the idea.)

二十五 [Action?/Voice]
deep in thought
[Well, guess who's reviving today?

If anyone happens to be visiting or nearby, they might notice movement or even voice from the room in which Japan is currently located.]

A-ahh, how troubling... Though I am quite used to back pain, this... [he pauses. the memories set back in, and for a while he's silent, shifting to sit up slowly.

it's when one thought crosses his mind that he sends a mildly panicked sounding question over the communicator]

Did the classrooms stay standing?!

[Yes this is important. Anyway, feel free to backtag as always, but he's alive now.]

二十四 [Voice]
mackerel?! can I at least have mackerel?
[The sound quality is a bit off, and there's the sound of crackling in the background... Crumbling, as well.]

Everyone please listen! The high school-- [there's some coughing, but he forces himself to stop in order to continue speaking urgently]

There is a fire. Denmark-san is not responding. Please be careful, but if someone could-- [more noises... and coughing] Perhaps someone from the watch can help--!

[The feed cuts off prematurely.

Japan and Denmark were in the high school when they noticed the fiiire. Japan is currently pinned under a collapsed wall. Denmark is temporarily unconscious or stunned or something of that manner-- he will be living. Japan, however, is going to die.

Though feel free to try and reach him. ♥ He'll reply a little before he dies. Denmark can feel free to reply to others with Japan's communicator after he dies.

Also I'm still on hiatus but I should be getting off of it soon! Finals ahh finals.]

fourth wall post [2]
you didn't have to...
Ah... how familiar, this feeling. Perhaps it is simply my imagination.

[And he goes back to, oh you know, stacking his doujinshi into boxes...]

二十三 [Text & Picture]
Click for pictureCollapse )

I have not had the chance to properly use this system enough, it seems. I hope to change that in the future. Does anyone have any requests for things I should draw? It is a hobby of mine, and I will draw anything you would like.

I had planned on drawing something during this past Halloween, but I grew busy, so I apologize.

The weather seems to be growing colder. How is everyone faring?

[Japan has drawn his dog Pochi and Hanatamago together. The art is by Himaruya, not me, and any other art in this post will most likely be from outside fanart sites.

Also he'll be sitting in his room, drawing on his communicator. Those wanting to do action tags just be aware that his face is all bruised up. :|b]

二十二 [voice]
the fourth
[There's the sound of paper folding for a few seconds before the user actually speaks.]

Is everyone fairing well, now that the attackers are gone?

Ah... For those of you who know China-san, you may have noticed quite quickly that he has vanished from the city. [That loud voice was hard to miss. There's a break for silence, and some more folding.]

Then, for those of you who know her.. Taiwan-san was going to move out, but I recently noticed that she, too, has gone home.

[fold fold fold]

That makes 658... [He's talking about paper cranes. Taiwan left it at 627, so he's just been folding for a while. Anyway, he shuts it off there.]

(ooc: I'll reply to any tags after class!)

二十一 [Video]
reading a book
[Click, on goes the video. Here is Japan. Japan is staring very intently at the screen. Something seems a bit odd. Is that Holland in the background?]

Ah........... Herro every..nyan.

I believe.... friends are truly important. Friends... [He trails off, and there's silence for a long moment while he slowly looks somewhere off screen. Then, he sets the device down so it can stand and view him, and looks back at the screen. Now he speaks with PURPOSE.]

I believe you should all......... share your youth. It is kind to share. [He picks up the communicator again, and stands with it, slowly, looking down at his feet]

...Ah.. I stepped on my dress....... [And the feed clicks off]


1. He is knocking at your door.
2. He is knocking at your door wearing a dress.
3. He is hanging out of his apartment window, trying to wave you down with slow-but-enthusiastic anime-girl motions.

ooc: ALSO. I have been slow lately, and I apologize! School and all that. Getting to my tags now, though!]

二十 [Video]
uhhhhhhh Holland?
[The video turns on to reveal Japan, apparently exhausted. He doesn't seem bothered enough to hide the fact that he's wearing his blanket like some sort of hoodie, but he's quick to address that.]

Ah, hello everyone. I have not used this in quite some time.. The weather is quite cold recently, isn't it? Surely it is not just me who thinks so..

... In any case, I simply--

[ Netherlands appears behind him quite suddenly, his expression not too pleased. He wastes no time putting a hand on Japan's shoulder. ]

Stop. It.

[There's a brief pause as Japan goes pale, but he soon after drops the communicator. There's a yell as Japan smacks Netherlands' hand away before he realizes who it is. Spoilers: realizing who it is doesn't stop the freaking out]

Cut for manry arguments and so onCollapse )


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